Through traditional hand building and slip casting techniques, I strive to capture the inner emotional spectrum through adornments and processes. My work uses the idea of internalization to create work based off of the impulses of my mental state. To externalize my inner mental mechanisms, I create art through the exploration of material and craft.

Ceramics is unlike any other medium, I can push, tear, and bend it into the imagery I see in my head. Clay can be manipulated in its raw form. However, once you commit it to stone it remains forever unchangeable, like every passing moment of time. Occasionally, I leave clay raw to be weathered by its own devices to emphasis the delicacy of our reality. Each work of art relies on experiences from my childhood, a desire to control raw materials, and my mental impulses at the time. These three things allow me to push clay to its boundaries while expanding on traditional techniques.

I look for the line between my desires to return to a time of innocence and confronting my identity as an adult. I want to expose my intimate insecurities, while simultaneously withholding information from the audience. Through my experiences with death, anxiety, and depression, I desire to examine the depths of my inner demons and see where they take me when unveiled. I want to bring dignity to my inner dialog and allow ceramics to stand as a stoic reminder that all moments become permanent.